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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary medicine that studies the relationship of the reflex points of the feet (hands and ears) to the rest of the body. The formation of this Body Map, linking the reflex points to body areas, enables the Practitioner to locate problematic imbalances or disorders and treat accordingly.  By stimulating these points on the feet, using gentle thumb pressures and hand movements, all areas of the body can be treated, addressing not only prevailing symptoms but also underlying, chronic conditions.

This gentle therapy restores and maintains the body's natural equilibrium encouraging the body to heal itself, often counteracting a lifetime of misuse - following illness, stress, injury or disease.

The treatment releases blockages and restores the free flow of Qi (vital energy) to the whole body: tensions are eased, and circulation and elimination is improved. For each person the application and the effect of the therapy is unique.There are 70,000 nerve endings in each foot which, if properly stimulated, can send messages through the nervous system to all areas of the body and brain. The foot reflex zones are five to 20 times more sensitive than the organs themselves.

Since Reflexology treats the whole person, not just the symptoms of disease, most people benefit from this treatment: its use has effectively and successfully treated a wide number of disorders and conditions, such as:

Menopausal symptoms, Premenstrual syndrome, Stress / Anxiety, Sinus problems, Insomnia, Digestive disorders, Hormonal imbalances, Circulatory conditions, Migraine / Headaches, Post-operative pain / nausea, Sciatica.